My 3 Favorite Sites to Learn Web Development

I started learning how to do this stuff before there were so many great websites teaching it for free (or almost free). Now there are a slew of pretty great websites devoted to helping you learn how to develop websites and blogs (like this one). Consider yourself really lucky to have so many great resources at your fingertips.

Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite sites that teach web development — from HTML & CSS to Javascript and beyond. I’ve used all of these before and each one has been extremely helpful.


Don’t know how to start learning web development? Go to Codecademy. It’s intended for the pure beginner. It’s the best  website I’ve found for getting jump-started with your web adventure. You’ll find hands-on training tools that will take you from not knowing what a <div> is to making (practically) a full webpage including CSS.

I went through the javascript course and really enjoyed it. So many ‘Javascript’ courses and books give you a tiny bit of javascript and then go immediately into jQuery. jQuery is great but I want to learn old-fashioned JAVASCRIPT! Well, this course sticks to the Javascript.

Format: Text information and instruction with hands-on code challenges

Cost: FREE!



I love Udacity. There are not a lot of sites where you get knowledge directly from brilliant professors with prestigious backgrounds. For Free!! If you want to learn real Programming Udacity is the place for you. The Intro to Computer Science is taught in Python, a language that seems to be in the middle of a kind of renaissance. Again, here, you don’t need to have any experience to start. This course gets pretty challenging but it’s worth it. And even if you’re thinking “I don’t want to learn Python,” the real point is that this course teaches you PROGRAMMING. That’s a skill that you need in every language. Out of anything else I’ve found online, Udacity is the most in-depth course on programming I’ve found.

Format: video lectures followed by hands-on code challenges

Cost: Free (pay version available)


Code School

Once you get a sense of what you’re doing, I recommend Code School for moving up to the next level.  They have a really great course on Responsive Web Development taught by Ethan Marcotte the granddaddy of responsive (he coined the term anyway). They also have coursed on Git, Ruby, jQuery and iOS development.

These classes do a great job of leading you through the material. The code challenges are just difficult enough to keep you thinking and learning. And I swear, after you finish the jQuery classes you’ll feel like you’re ready to start applying for dev jobs.

Format: Video lectures followed by hands-on code challenges

Cost: $25/mo


BONUS: Stack Overflow

Use Stack Overflow. Use it! Stack Overflow is a help forum and not specifically a teaching website like the others, but I can’t even count the number of times it has gotten me out of a bind. You’ll find answers there for just about every problem you run into in your projects. And if it’s not already there, ask it and someone will come to your rescue.

I challenge you to go to Stack Overflow and NOT learn something.

It’s always been my belief that you’ll learn the most by attempting to do things you’ve never done before. Take on a challenge. Turn to Stack Overflow when you get stuck.

Format: Community wiki

Cost: Free



Where do you go to learn online? Recommend some other sites. I’m not done learning yet.

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