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My 3 Favorite Sites to Learn Web Development

I started learning how to do this stuff before there were so many great websites teaching it for free (or almost free). Now there are a slew of pretty great websites devoted to helping you learn how

Add/remove file on terminal command line

It’s all about SPEED, baby. I’m always looking for ways to save time in my workflow. Here’s one terminal command that you’ll end up needing at some point. You may not use it all the time, but

A really easy Git workflow for site development

Stop with that FTP non-sense and setup a real development workflow using Git.* I’m fairly new to Git. I’ve only been using it in a team setting for about 6 months. But it has quickly become an

Set a website’s homepage

Level: beginner This was the weirdest, easiest, hardest thing to learn when I started making websites. And if you don’t read the right books or know where to look, it’s something you probably won’t just figure out

Download and extract WordPress quickly from the command line

Here’s a really quick way to get the latest version of WordPress and you don’t even need to open a browser. We’re going to do this all from the terminal. This is really helpful when you’re starting

How to create a new directory/folder from the command line

The longer you spend developing websites, the more you’ll start working from the command line. It’s scary, I know. All that monospace type and no user interface! But we’re going to start small. In this post (and

Add easy jQuery link popups – free script

Today I needed to send a site that I’m developing to a potential client.  I needed to show them an example of a feature that I’d put into the site. I was getting close to finished, but

What programming language should I learn?

When I was first getting started programming, the biggest question I had was “What should I learn?” I had no idea where to start. The web changes every day and I was worried that I’d end up

What’s a CNAME?

CNAME is, simply, a way to alias a domain. A CNAME record is added to the DNS (Domain Name System) to point a domain name to a different domain name. Allowing it to appear as if a

Quick (simplified) explanation of how Ajax works

Ajax seems all jacked up. It goes against the one thing we know for sure as beginning web developers: mainly, that a page needs to load/re-load in a browser for new content to show up. Updated your