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How to open multiple applications with one click

Any web developer has an arsenal of applications for building sites. Every day I use Sublime Text, Photoshop, Terminal, Chrome, Firefox, MAMP, Sequel Pro, not to mention Toggl, Slack and Skitch for work tracking and collaborating with

How to customize terminal bash prompt: add current Git branch and state

Hey, Terminal pro. Time to make your terminal work easier and more efficient by customizing your terminal prompt to alert you to your current git state and branch. A majority of the time my work with terminal

A really easy Git workflow for site development

Stop with that FTP non-sense and setup a real development workflow using Git.* I’m fairly new to Git. I’ve only been using it in a team setting for about 6 months. But it has quickly become an

Download and extract WordPress quickly from the command line

Here’s a really quick way to get the latest version of WordPress and you don’t even need to open a browser. We’re going to do this all from the terminal. This is really helpful when you’re starting

How to create a new directory/folder from the command line

The longer you spend developing websites, the more you’ll start working from the command line. It’s scary, I know. All that monospace type and no user interface! But we’re going to start small. In this post (and

Debug your code using User Agent Spoofer

Ever wanted to pretend you’re Internet Explorer 6? It’s probably not the hottest Halloween costume this year, but when your developing a website it can be useful. Or, you can spoof as a mobile browser for developing