What programming language should I learn?

When I was first getting started programming, the biggest question I had was “What should I learn?” I had no idea where to start. The web changes every day and I was worried that I’d end up

Debug your code using User Agent Spoofer

Ever wanted to pretend you’re Internet Explorer 6? It’s probably not the hottest Halloween costume this year, but when your developing a website it can be useful. Or, you can spoof as a mobile browser for developing

What’s a CNAME?

CNAME is, simply, a way to alias a domain. A CNAME record is added to the DNS (Domain Name System) to point a domain name to a different domain name. Allowing it to appear as if a

When am I a web developer?

I spend a lot of my free time trying to become a better coder. It’s such a difficult objective to have: be a better coder. I love making cool things on the internet. But I don’t know

Quick (simplified) explanation of how Ajax works

Ajax seems all jacked up. It goes against the one thing we know for sure as beginning web developers: mainly, that a page needs to load/re-load in a browser for new content to show up. Updated your

The only way to learn is to do

If you want to be a web developer, here’s the most valuable piece of advice you will ever receive: The only way to learn is to do It’s that easy. Most of you already probably know this.

Using CSS3 pseudo-classess

You’ve most likely used pseudo-classes to style links before. From my experience, that’s been their most prevalent use with widest browser support: a:hover, a:visited, a:active, …. A pseudo class is added to an element selector in CSS